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Give to Mindful Agility

Give your engagement, time, or cash to help the all-volunteer Mindful Agility project. Mindful Agility been operating since December 2021. It produces podcasts, news briefs, and written work to help you become more successful through insight and innovation, at work and home.

Here are some ways you can help:

Give engagement

Consume our content

Just consuming our content provides us some love. Our statistics improve when you download and play our episodes, when you open an email we send, when you forward something to friends.

Interact with our content
  • Subscribe to our Mindful Agility substack, and
    • Like the posts you like
    • Reply to our posts. Ask questions, provide examples, offer kudos.
  • Like, reply, and share our content in social media. We are most active in Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Join the Mindful Agility Community on Facebook
  • Like the Mindful Agility page on LinkedIn
Cheer Lead

There’s a few folks in social media who cheerlead, and those folks are great: they keep our spirits high, even when an occasional post or episode is a dud. That’s when you need it the most.

Give time

Write a review in Apple Podcasts

Write a review of our Mindful Agility podcast on the Apple Podcasts app. This is surprisingly convoluted, but it is the only popular podcast player where written reviews appear (and there are lots of listeners that use Apple Podcasts).

  • Open the Apple Podcasts app.
  • If you aren’t at the “Mindful Agility” podcast, search for it and click on it.
  • Scroll down until you see “Ratings and Reviews”
  • Below “Click to rate” you’ll see a heading like this: Click it!
  • Give your review a title: something short and sweet saying what you like best about the podcast
  • Select the star that represents your opinion. (Of course, 5-stars helps us the most. 1-star, well we hope instead of rating us, you’ll send us a note and tell us how we can improve.)
  • Write what you like about the podcast
  • Hit save
  • We now love you. If you send us a note to tell us you did that, we will love you right then and there.
Beta review an episode or two

A “Beta review” is a written review of an episode, news brief, or article before we send it to hundreds of people publicly. Since our start, every episode we’ve released has been beta reviewed by between 2 and 8 people. This has allowed us to improve much faster. Send a note to [email protected] if you’d like to be participate in this. You can do just one, to try it out, or be in our pool and we’ll send you pre-releases every time (and if you have time before it gets released, send us your review, if not, just ignore it).

Give cash

Paid subscribers to our Mindful Agility Substack are supporting the purchase of new tools to help us produce the podcast, news briefs, and community.

We’ve paid (actually Dan Greening has paid) those bills out-of-pocket. Here’s some things that cost money for us:

  • Descript audio/video editing tool: $360/year
  • Mailchimp email management: $720/year
  • Hootsuite promotion management: $1200/year (we keep wondering if it’s worth it)
  • Notion workbook management: $288

There’s other stuff, like microphones, wordpress site costs, etc.

As we grow, we’re looking at getting a community server, like Circle.co. That’s between $480 and $1080 a year.

At this writing, our paid subscribers, who pay $75 per year, have contributed about $200 (after the 20% Substack fee) toward our costs. We are super-grateful for them, mainly because they are sacrificing a dinner out with friends or something similar to support our work. We think about them often.


We are grateful for whatever you provide. We are doing this because we want to help more people succeed.

If audience members gain the skill of mindfulness, with our help, their success is likely to include the success of others. And if they have the skill of agility, they are more likely to succeed. Win-Win.