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Dan Greening

Dan is an agile management executive and software architect. He has led agile transformations in several companies, focusing on organizational productivity, quality, scalability, and innovation. He has managed product, software engineering, operations, and user experience departments. Dan loves people, and has helped employees (and friends) develop their effectiveness and careers. Of course, this promotes company success. He co-founded three startups, bringing two to financial liquidity in executive roles. He has published peer-reviewed computer science research on agile management, machine learning, parallelism and hardware architecture.

Dan practices Secular Buddhism.

Mirela Petalli

Mirela is a Neuro Critical Care Registered Nurse with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. She is skilled in Phlebotomy, Pediatrics, Medicine, Intensive Care, and Patient Safety. She is a strong healthcare services professional with a MSN focused in Nursing Education from South University.
She is an Adjunct Nursing Instructor.

Mirela practices Secular Buddhism.

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