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Incremental Reciprocity Builds Successful Relationships

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The Beatles: An example of incremental reciprocity
How much can we safely collaborate? Incrementally deliver until a partner fails to reciprocate.
The Beatles: An example of incremental reciprocity
The Beatles Example of Incremental Reciprocity

Discover the secret behind successful partnerships in this episode on incremental reciprocity. Start with a small task without expecting anything in return, and ask your partner to match your effort. As you both grow, this technique helps measure reliability and build trust. Famous duos like Lennon-McCartney and Oprah Winfrey-Gayle King used this method to achieve greatness. Enhance your teamwork and friendships by trying this approach yourself. Give it a shot and transform your connections!

One more example of how mindfulness and agile skills help you succeed, from the Mindful Agility podcast.



  • Daniel Greening, host, agile coach, and computer scientist
  • Mirela Petalli, co-host, meditation guide, and neurocritical nursing instructor
  • Dan Dickson, business coach, executive and management consultant


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