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Trigger Translator

Discover triggers with body sensations, and then transform confrontation to communication in home and work

In this thought-provoking Trigger Translator episode of Mindful Agility, learn how to transform confrontational encounters into productive dialogues. Ankur Shah Delight and Dan Greening share a transformational technique to handle triggering comments, guiding listeners to notice their physical reactions, pause, seek the core of the statement, rephrase it, and share with the other party. Hear an engaging case study where a potentially volatile workplace scenario is skillfully diffused. It’s an essential guide for anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills, foster healthier relationships, and maintain a calm mental space amid conflict. Lean in, breathe deep, and transform your conversations.




  • Daniel Greening, host, agile consultant, software executive
  • Mirela Petalli, co-host, meditation guide, and neurocritical nursing instructor
  • Dan Dickson, business coach, executive and management consultant



The Mindful Sprint: Weekly explorations to build insight and success.