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Author: Mirela Petalli

  • Survival lesson:

    Survival lesson:

    A stray dog teachings about basic needs What do you need to survive? Air, food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep. Anything else? The physiological needs at the basis of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid are the lowest level and include the need for shelter, water, food, warmth, rest, and health. This is similar to the hierarchy…

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  • Mimosa: Finding beauty in the garbage

    Mimosa: Finding beauty in the garbage

    I am walking slowly behind my dad on a narrow sidewalk when I notice a mimosa tree. It is early January in Tirana and the mimosas are in full bloom much earlier than I remember. I stop and reach out to a low branch to smell the soft, plushy flowers that bring back sweet memories…

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  • Mindfulness and Compassion

    Mindfulness and Compassion

    A dear friend is suffering. Many people around the world are suffering. When I think about all the suffering going on in the world, including my own, I notice the sadness, sorrow, helplessness, and even anger come over me. I want the suffering to stop. These feelings are natural and deserve to be honored rather…

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  • Meditation Resources

    Apps Plum Village app (Free) Ten percent happier (paid with limited  free content) Calm   (paid with limited free content) Waking up   (paid with limited free content) Insight timer (Paid. Also lots of free content) Meditation Oasis (Paid. Free meditations can be found on Meditation Oasis Podcast)  Meditation Teachers  Tara Brach Sharon Salzberg  Jack…

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