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Articles on mindful agility. Mindfulness for insight, agile for results.

  • Survival lesson:

    Survival lesson:

    A stray dog teachings about basic needs What do you need to survive? Air, food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep. Anything else? The physiological needs at the basis of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid are the lowest level and include the need for shelter, water, food, warmth, rest, and health. This is similar to the hierarchy…

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  • Perfectionism nearly killed Rock and Roll

    Perfectionism nearly killed Rock and Roll

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Perfectionism nearly killed my friend’s wine store launch. Perfectionism nearly killed rock and roll, too.

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  • Mimosa: Finding beauty in the garbage

    Mimosa: Finding beauty in the garbage

    I am walking slowly behind my dad on a narrow sidewalk when I notice a mimosa tree. It is early January in Tirana and the mimosas are in full bloom much earlier than I remember. I stop and reach out to a low branch to smell the soft, plushy flowers that bring back sweet memories…

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  • When Is the Right Time?

    When Is the Right Time?

    When is the right time to try again after failure? After wanting to live in Europe for years, Matt moved there. He gave up after three months. But that changed everything, for the better.

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  • 2022 Retrospective: How did we do?

    2022 Retrospective: How did we do?

    Let’s have a 2022 Retrospective! You can reflect on your efforts and consider what you might do in 2023. At Mindful Agility, we use our own retrospective thoughts as an example.

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  • From Failure: Lean Manufacturing and Scrum

    From Failure: Lean Manufacturing and Scrum

    Failure motivated at least two radical management frameworks adopted by almost all companies in their respective sectors: Lean Manufacturing and Scrum

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  • Mindlessness Kills Agile

    Mindlessness Kills Agile

    Agile is fragile. Agile makes creative projects successful, data shows agile works, but mindlessness is common. Mindlessness destroys agile.

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  • 20220426 Newsletter

    20220426 Newsletter

    Dan Greening here. I’m resurrecting this newsletter after a few years working as an Engineering and Product VP. I retired for a minute during COVID-19, content with my savings. I love exploring agility and helping friends succeed, so my retirement didn’t last long. You may have gotten on this email list from attending one of…

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  • Agile Actions

    Agile Actions

    Agile Actions: To rapidly deliver more value, we Explore, Strengthen, Minimize, Take Responsibility, Order, Focus, Assess, Deliver, Experiment, Iterate, Habituate, and Teach mindful agility.

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  • Mindfulness and Compassion

    Mindfulness and Compassion

    A dear friend is suffering. Many people around the world are suffering. When I think about all the suffering going on in the world, including my own, I notice the sadness, sorrow, helplessness, and even anger come over me. I want the suffering to stop. These feelings are natural and deserve to be honored rather…

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