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Agile Actions

Agile Actions: To rapidly deliver more value, we Explore, Strengthen, Minimize, Take Responsibility, Order, Focus, Assess, Deliver, Experiment, Iterate, Habituate, and Teach mindful agility.

To rapidly deliver more value, we embody the agile actions.



If we explore interdependence, we can recruit more collaborators


If we strengthen our minds and bodies, we can act and improve sustainably


If we minimize debt, waste, and clutter, we can reduce impediments and deliver faster

Take Responsibility

If we take responsibility for problems around us, we can avoid wasting time assigning blame



If we order actions by highest, earliest return, early outcomes can pay for later actions


If we focus actions toward our purpose, synergy can magnify our outcome


If we assess our process with leading metrics, we can favor actions that improve outcomes


If we deliver outcomes frequently to beneficiaries, we can use their feedback to improve



If we experiment incrementally and honestly, we can adapt more quickly toward our purpose


If we iterate with one experiment after another, we can advance and pivot more rapidly


If we habituate these actions, we can continuously improve without thinking


If we teach these actions to others, we can all improve and become more agile


The Mindful Sprint: Weekly explorations to build insight and success.

One response to “Agile Actions”

  1. Divya Maez Avatar
    Divya Maez

    Thank you so much! I have shared this with my VP and my Client Services Director. They were curious about how I plan for success so I shared this. We are planning on sharing this with our entire US based recruiting team next week.

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