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Mindful agility can help you lead a more fulfilled life, at work and at home. Mindfulness helps us gain insight, while agile helps us get results fast.

Mindful Agility can help you lead a more fulfilled life, at work and at home. Mindfulness practices help us gain insight and clarity, while agile practices help us forge new paths.

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  • Mirela Petalli is a trained mindfulness instructor and a neuro critical care nursing instructor. Mirela and Dan have studied mindfulness together for a few years. 
  • Dan Greening is an enterprise agile coach. He led the agile coaching teams at Skype and Citrix to help improve their ability to innovate. He’s started a few companies. Between startup 1 and 2, he miraculously finished a long-postponed computer science PhD. And after startup 3, he cleaned the garage, another miracle.

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The Mindful Sprint: Weekly explorations to build insight and success.

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