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Five Whys for Lasting Breakthroughs

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A child asks five whys

Rash action can lead to a temporary fix. Use Five Whys to find root causes

A child asks five whys
Child Looks at Sun and Points substack

Unlock the mindful power of the Five Whys technique in this intriguing episode, with agile coach Dan Greening and corporate fixer Dan Dickson. 

The Five Whys method has transformed businesses and personal lives, revealing hidden causes of problems, and promoting safer, more lasting improvements. Hear intriguing stories, like how Toyota fixed a recurring production line issue for good, and how Dan Greening hosted a Five Whys “party” that possibly saved an employee’s job! Learn how this simple, effective approach can help you tackle challenges in your own life. Listen now, to transform your approach to problem-solving forever!




  • Daniel Greening, host, agile coach, and computer scientist
  • Mirela Petalli, co-host, meditation guide, and neurocritical nursing instructor
  • Dan Dickson, business coach, executive and management consultant


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