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Stories, Pivots, and Driving a School Bus

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When we choose ambitious goals, we’re going to create stories about them. But nothing lasts forever: our jobs, our achievements, our friends, our relationships… or our stories. If we attach our identities to ephemeral stories (and aren’t all our stories ephemeral?), we will suffer.

Noah Rasheta, the host of the Secular Buddhism podcast and author of three books on Buddhism, abandons the story he told himself and others, that he was a successful entrepreneur. He takes us on a journey of self-discovery, finding comfort with unknown challenges, changing stories, and new pivots that may be needed. From entrepreneur to school bus driver to … well, you decide if he’s an entrepreneur or just having fun.



Matthew Zimmerman, Divya Maez, Jay Beale

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1 comment
  • This is an amazing episode. This is something Tom and I struggled with a lot, especially after he left his job. You know, what is your identity? How do you define that? Is your job your identity? Are you happy?

    I absolutely loved it. The only thing I would like to add, I think just for my understanding would be how/why do we end up with these expectations from people about who we are and what should we be doing? Where does that come from?

    This episode allowed me to give myself a little mental break and go it’s okay. You’re ok because you’re not the only one that struggled through it and it’s actually happening to others around you that just alleviated a lot of concerns and issues for me.

    So I appreciate you very much for doing this. Thank you!

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