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Noah Rasheta: Fewer Expectations, More Success

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Our stories provide a shorthand self, which gives us focus while the stories make sense. But our stories are a convenience. If we imagine them to be complete and permanent we are doomed to suffer. 

When we release our attachment to our stories, we create freedom. Only through our actions will we transform ourselves and our world. The stories are only decorative.

We talk with Noah Rasheta about the stories around him, as he lives a life with fewer attachments. We find out how we can avoid those attachments by doing things, but not being things.

Noah Rasheta is the host of the Secular Buddhism podcast and author of three books on Buddhism.



  • The sting separator sound used in this episode is a derivative of Swing beat 120 xylophone side-chained by Casonika used under license CC BY by Daniel Greening.

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