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Why Bother? Purpose Drives Creative People to Resolve Debt, Recruit Buddies, and Build Success

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Purpose Drives Actions

Why bother doing anything, other than dealing with our suffering?

Our clumsiness in life creates most of our suffering. We haven’t practiced the skills we need to be happy. We don’t see what’s going on around us. We don’t see the causes early enough to prevent a train-wreck in work or life. And when we don’t know how to distinguish truth from delusion, well that leads to a world of hurt.

But if we don’t have a purpose, should we or anyone else care that we mess up?

Mindfulness skills help us reduce the dumb stuff we do to ourselves. When we get more comfortable and skillful just living in our existing situation, then we can contemplate why we are here and how to actively live. Knowing where we’re going, means agile skills can get us there, finding creative solutions to the tough stuff.

So, here’s one way to think of our journey to higher purpose and fulfillment:

  1. Mindfulness skills
  2. Purpose
  3. Agile skills

A couple of months ago, Dan Greening was interviewed for another podcast, called 10,000 Heroes, by his pal Ankur Shah Delight. If you’ve wondered what the hell those Mindful Agility people were trying to do, Ankur asked the right questions. Here’s that 10,000 Heroes episode, in its entirety. If you like the idea of exploring purpose, 10,000 Heroes is a nice thing to check out. 




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