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You Lost Your Keys? Again?!

Matt moved in with his girlfriend, and losing his keys kept making them late. Can mindful agility help? Use weekly sprints, measuring outcomes, retrospectives in the context of home life.

Matt shows off his key basket

We all have hapless friends who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached. Maybe we are that friend! Matt recently moved in with his girlfriend, Mirela Petalli (our co-host), and Matt realized losing his keys kept making them late. Can mindful agility help?

Matt and Mirela worked together. Matt is familiar with Scrum, an agile technique; Mirela is familiar with mindfulness. Together they take us on an exploration of how mindfulness alone can help us get more done. When we bring in agile, we raise the bar further. Does mindful agility help Matt keep track of his keys?

This is the first episode where we get more specific with agile—weekly sprints, measuring outcomes, retrospectives—all in the context of home life.

Do these practices bring knock-on effects? Let’s see what happens with Matt’s long-stalled exercise ambitions.



  • The sting separator sound used in this episode is a derivative of Swing beat 120 xylophone side-chained by Casonika used under license CC BY by Daniel Greening.


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