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Enjoy.com Crashes Into Reality, Bye Bye $500 Million

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Ron Johnson confidence, venture capital fueled unsafe speed. Mindful Agility was too slow, cautious for their taste

In this third and final episode on fabled merchandiser, Ron Johnson, we discuss the startup Enjoy.com, which turned $500M of invested capital and goodwill into nothing. This was Johnson’s second attempt as a CEO. What did he learn from that failure? How did it shape his new company? 

Your co-hosts, Dan Dickson and Dan Greening, bring perspectives of traditional and agile management, finance and technology, retail and service. We think our analysis demonstrates how you can make better choices in your own projects, big and small, for much greater levels of success.

We examine this company from the lens of Mindful Agility:

  • How well did Enjoy understand its ecosystem, did it examine conditions without bias?
  • As Enjoy matured, did it lean into potential risks, to explore and learn more?
  • Did Enjoy mitigate risk and preserve options?
  • Did Enjoy direct its evolution with low-cost, high-return experiments?

And finally, we armchair quarterback what we might have done as execs at Enjoy.com. 


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