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Hand to Mouth: Noticing and Labeling

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A Mindful Agility podcast listener, Heather Schenck, tried the “noticing and labeling” technique we demonstrated in Episode 8, You Lost Your Keys. Again?! in a completely different situation, with a four-year-old. Her husband doubted it would work.

Heather’s four year old son, Jack, puts his fingers in his mouth, which leads to dental misalignment in adulthood. Heather heard a previous episode. Matt learned to keep track of his keys by noticing when setting them down and labeling “I’m putting my keys on the counter” out loud. Heather wondered whether it could help her son.

Heather has bigger plans, though, involving her husband. This was just a practice run.

These last two episodes explore “noticing and labeling,” concepts long part of mindfulness. Recent psychological research on these techniques shows many benefits.




  • The sting separator sound used in this episode is a derivative of Swing beat 120 xylophone side-chained by Casonika used under license CC BY by Daniel Greening.

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